Self Love



Self Love. What does it mean?

Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. 

Do you practice self love? I know I don’t. It has taken me 28 long years to truly be happy, thank you to my husband and my son. But I’m still a work in progress.

I am my own worst critic. Jumping in to the blogging world has not been very easy for my self confidence. I have days where I look at myself and think “if only I was skinnier”, “if only my hair would stay in those damn curls”, “if only I had the perfect arms”. But then I need to sit back and remind myself, my hips are big because I enjoyed an ice cream date with my husband and my arms are not perfect but they hold up a perfect little human being.

We need to treat ourselves better and find a way to love every strength and every flaw.

I believe self love can come in many different way, shape and form.

Self Love is giving yourself that extra shot of espresso in your latte so you can stay present with your babies.

Self Love is keeping baby in the crib for five extra minutes to enjoy your hot shower.

Self Love is rubbing lotion on your stretch marks because they remind you of the life you created.

Self Love is embracing your bigger hips because that means you enjoyed every bite of that Ben & Jerry’s.

Self Love is napping when baby naps.

Self Love is creating a space on the internet to share your passion with other mamas.

Self Love is acknowledging your own worth.

Self Love is maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Self Love is loving yourself first, so that you can provide infinite love to your family and friends.

Mamas, parents in general, must take the time to nurture themselves first. I have bad days. I’m not perfect. I keep communication open and let others know that I need quiet time. When I give myself a reboot, I know I can be the best mother and wife.


I purchased this tank top through Perfect Day Athleisure so I can give myself a reminder that I deserve love. I deserve happiness. To love all my strengths and my weaknesses. When you obtain self love, the possibilities in life are endless.

2 thoughts on “SELF LOVE”

  1. I also am my own worst critic and have difficulty loving both my flaws and strengths. This was extremely inspirational. I will definitely be trying to keep this in mind as I focus on my own self love.

  2. Awesome. I am learning self-love. Hired a sitter to keep my daughter twice a week to get back to being me. Love my daughter yet having creative time really helps me to be a better woman.

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