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I ran in to an old friend the other week and she mentioned how much she enjoys reading the blog. Her words brought joy to my heart because I find this little space on the internet to be my source of creativity and a way to bring mothers together.

She mentioned that although her phase of life is very different than mine, we are all bound by the same bond: motherhood. Whether you are a first time mother, third time mother, stepmother, adopting or having a hell of a time conceiving, we are all bound by this thing called motherhood.

Growing up, I went through many different changes that included too much make up and not enough clothes to cover my skin. I think it takes time for us to find our identity and really discover who we are and what type of person we want to be.

Every woman has their own journey—their own experience and story that creates the fabric of their life. My fabric has been slashed and rebuilt a few times and I am not ashamed of that. Thankfully, I have had enough love from friends and family that I was able to rebuild myself over and over again.

Motherhood is like a quilt. Each fabric square is unique in its own way; no piece is the same.

The story of motherhood begins to take shape on the quilt as each story is woven together. The image is beautiful. It doesn’t matter what type of mother you are, because we all have the same goal, to nurture and protect. We have this ability of never-ending love and compassion. When I say “it takes a village” I find it so true. Motherhood is scary, anxious, exciting, humbling and so joyful.

My phase of life right now includes a house filled with giggles and everlasting love. As my husband and I grow older, we step in to a new phase they are so much more beautiful than the last. It takes a moment for me to step back and realize that I really am the luckiest mama.

Some are in the phase of still finding love and commitment. Some are ready for a family. And there are others who are enjoying the empty nest. Whatever your phase may be, cherish it. Have fun with it. Explore it. Be true to yourself.


4 thoughts on “PHASE OF LIFE”

  1. The older I get, and the older my children get, the more I cherish other moms and their particular journey. I love hearing the small details of their days. How they handle dinner/homework/everyone-is-melting-down time of their day. I appreciate how we all parent so uniquely, because we are the unique mom chosen for our children. Yes, this motherhood thing is indeed beautiful.

  2. So very sweet. It made me think of so many of my friends who had a difficult start to getting to motherhood but are now trying to navigate it. I love my phase right now, as exhausted as I am, and know that it will pass all too quickly.

  3. “too much makeup and not enough clothes.”

    I’ve felt this to -like having a bunch of kids and being 30 is what I was always supposed to be doing, and all the crazy changes in between were just getting rid of what I didn’t want.

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