My biggest goal for post-baby was to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I want Oliver to learn how to maintain a healthy diet along with getting plenty of exercise. We spend a lot of our days outside at the pool, park or splash ground and that means some days my work outs include chasing Oliver. I also spend a lot of time making sure Oliver has nutrient packed meals but guess what, I forget about MYSELF.

Insert NutriFit Meal Replacements

If you live in the Louisville area then you may have heard of HomeFit Personal Training. What you may not know is they have produced and designed their very own meal replacement shakes.

I don’t know about you but I’m a busy mom, and this is exactly what I need.

Oliver and I stay so busy some days that I realize I haven’t fed myself anything until 3 p.m. while Oliver has been stuffing his face all day!

NutriFit Meal Replacement shakes are perfect for my lifestyle and they’re great because I know the passion that was put behind producing them. Each packet is filled with over 20 grams of protein and all of your essential daily nutrients. The greatest thing about these shakes is they keep you full!

I’ve spent so much time and money in the past on meal replacements but I always found myself hungry within an hour. With NutriFit, I can have my breakfast, then use NutriFit as a lunch replacement and feel full until an afternoon snack while Oliver is down for a nap.

Not only has NutriFit been amazing for our lifestyle, it’s given me the opportunity to get back in shape after having a baby.

I was so afraid of gaining weight during my pregnancy, I’m sure like many other mothers, and that should have been the last thing I worried about. When Oliver was 3 months old I started seeing a personal trainer once a week and made sure I was walking daily. Introducing NutriFit and exercise in to my every day life has made me stronger and increased my moods tenfold. I’ve lost all of the weight gained during pregnancy and my core strength has improved tremendously.

I want to give you a chance to try NutriFit. Each box contains 25 single serving packets. Just add 12 oz of Almond milk OR water, shake it up and enjoy! Check out the website and come back here so I can show you how I mix my NutriFit with berries, spinach etc and test out some amazing new recipes!

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