Date Night Ideas


Lately it has been so difficult for my husband and I to get some time for ourselves. Oliver is our #1 but it is so important for us to keep communication open and have a few hours for us to reconnect.

As a first time mom, it took a long time for me to find a babysitter in our area. Not because nobody was available, but because I was so scared to leave Oliver with a stranger. I think it’s a very common feeling for most moms but it is so crucial to find someone you trust and who love your children just the same as you.

With that being said, now that we have an amazing babysitter close to home, Dan and I try to find activities for a weekly date night. They are some months that are few and far between, mainly because we get so caught up in work and busy schedules. But I’ve made a list of our all-time favorite date nights.

What are your favorite date nights with your spouse, I’m always looking for more adventures!

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