Building Our Dream Home


We finally spilled the beans a few weeks ago about building a new house in Louisville. Back in March we started to make the decision about putting our little house on the market because we knew we needed more space. Our neighborhood was great for a small family, but we were ready for something new.

Before our house went on the market we started doing some research around the city. We had an idea of where we wanted to be, which neighborhoods were too far, and where the best schools were in the city. After looking over our budget, everything that was coming on the market still needed some work. Guys, I am ALL about less is more. Don’t give yourself any more work than needed. I knew we wouldn’t be able to tackle projects and I didn’t really want to renovate a kitchen. So we drove over to Pulte homes and signed paperwork to build our very own dream house from the ground up.

Our “dirt”

To say April and May were the months of chaos is an understatement. Our house went on the market April 12th and we had THREE offers within five hours. Dan and I were speechless. We accepted an offer from a young couple and the closing process could not have gone any smoother.

I was so happy they were able to purchase our home that we built together, and start making memories of their own. We packed everything in the house, put it in storage and we are currently residing at my in-laws condo.

Dan and I try to make weekly trips to the house. It is so amazing to see the hard work that is put in to building this dream home of ours. In the beginning of the planning process we had to choose everything so materials could be ordered. The design process was so much fun, a little overwhelming and surprisingly Dan and I agreed on a lot of key items.

I’m so excited to have you along for this ride but for now these photos will have to do.

Siding, Brick and Roof Shingles

Carpet, wood floor, cabinets, granite and shower tile. 

Entry way and front office


Stay tuned for more progress photos!


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