Beach Vacation with a Baby


Traveling with your children is so much fun, but it is certainly a different kind of vacation. In November I was planning a solo trip to see my mom and grandma in Siesta Key, Florida. It is our favorite vacation getaway and I was so excited to have Oliver experience his first beach trip at 6 months old.

Little did I know the total chaos that is involved with traveling with a baby.

I was so nervous to fly with him all by myself, but that was the easy part! I wrote so many lists so I wouldn’t forget anything and it turns out I took everything except our kitchen sink. The trip turned out amazing, Oliver loved every single part of it. We did another vacation in February and this time my husband traveled with us which was even better!

Through all the chaos, I found it easier to tell myself “you’re going to be off your routine. Just. Have. Fun.” Which led me to start thinking, what could I tell other moms so they can stay settled and enjoy their vacation? I am certainly no professional but here is my list of things that worked out for us.

  1. Sunscreen – We all know how sensitive babies skin can be. I loved using the Coppertone WaterBabies Spray   in SPF 50. It was so easy to spray it on Oliver and rub everything in really quick.
  2. Hat. Rash guard. Swim diaper – That’s it. I know, I know… bathing suits are so adorable. But trust me. It is not worth the struggle when their slippery, and sandy, and cranky and the last thing you want to do is to try and put that damn bathing suit on. Keep it simple with a cute Baby Beach Rash Guard , a beach hat and a disposable swim diaper. Baby will have fun no matter what!
  3. Tent – I learned the first time around that a tent or umbrella is a must. I love the sun, but baby does not. You need something to protect them while their playing in the sand. We bought this awesome tent  from Amazon. It was great because it folded up so easy and it fit right in our suitcase for traveling. It was also great for nap time on the beach!
  4. Stroller – Basically you’re going to have a lot of crap. We had a wagon available at our AirBnB but the stroller was great to push baby and a stack of towels and beach toys. Oliver was all over the place with his naps so it was also great to put him in the stroller and walk the beach with a margarita while trying to get him to sleep.
  5. Beach Toys – Dollar store. Just grab cups and shovels. That is all you need. Until Oliver gets older, I don’t want to splurge on toys that we will most likely lose in 5 days. He will be entertained no matter what.
  6. Snacks – Bring water bottles to keep everyone hydrated. Baby food pouches are great too, if they don’t finish the entire thing just screw the cap back on and throw it in the cooler. Goldfish & Cheerios are perfect too.
  7. Baby-Friendly house – Our rental in November was on the first floor and it was great, but Oliver wasn’t very mobile so things were a little easier. For our trip in February we had a three-story beach house and let me tell you… stairs are the devil. Oliver was a crawling maniac at the time so keeping him away from the stairs was our #1 concern. On the plus side though, we found out the AirBnB had a high chair and a pack and play. Which means we had less stuff to bring! Always try to send a quick email to the landlord to see what is already available. It will make packing (and traveling), much easier!
  8. Positive Attitude – Lastly, this. Vacations are so different now that you have a little family. You’re going to be out of your routine. Your baby will be out of his element. If you’re a tad OCD like me, just take a deep breath. Have fun. Don’t over analyze and ENJOY your vacation. Put your phone down after the 300th beach picture and just play. Moments like these are short.


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  1. Our baby is due in November, but my husband and I are already talking about taking a trip to the beach next summer! I’ll be an adventure for sure, but it will be fun. Thanks for your tips!

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