14 week bump date


I’m not sure whats more surprising to me, the fact that I’m out of the first trimester, or that I already look 5 months pregnant! Second pregnancies are no joke, I am showing so much earlier this time around and while most days it seems like bloat, I’m totally loving the leggings and sweater comfy combo. I always loved reading other bumpdates, so I’m hoping you’ll tag along with me and my little bean. 14 week bumpdate coming at ya!

14 week bump date

14 week bump date

PinkBlush Maternity Jeans // White Long Sleeve Shirt // Olive Green Quilted Vest

Due Date: July 14th 2018

Size: Large Lemon

Symptoms: None this week. The exhaustion comes and goes. No appetite.

Favorite wardrobe item: I am obsessed with these leggings. They are so soft no matter how many times I wash them. They are the perfect fit and have great tummy support.

Moment I loved this week: My husband and I finally scheduled a babysitter and saw a movie Tuesday night!

Moment that made me frustrated this week: Oliver has started hitting his terrible twos. And although I know it’s a work in progress, some days become more difficult than others when toddlers cannot express their wants/needs properly.

Self-Care: Unfortunately I am pretty terrible with self-care. I become so caught up with side work or cleaning up the house. My brain goes in to overdrive!

Food cravings: Orange Gatorades, Oreo Blizzards & Key Lime Pie yogurt!

Gender: SURPRISE! We are having another boy!


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